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Re: Bits from the 2IC

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 01:10:16AM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Unfortunately, other mailing list discussions have been less
> happy. A somewhat acrimonious argument between Sven Luther and members
> of the d-i team spread out across various lists, starting at
> [3]. There has been quite lot of public discussion and more private
> attempts to repair the situation, but at this point things are not
> looking too hopeful.

The situation is indeed not hopeful. The mediation attempt of the DPL failed,
as he ranged himself basically with the opinion of the d-i team, and acted
more like a judge delivering a sentence, than a mediator, sending his sentence
to a public list, without even forewarning me. I guess Anthony doesn't know
what mediation means.

I am thankful for the effort Steve made to try a true mediation, altough there
was absolutely no visibility and transparence of what discussions where going
on with the other side of this argument, which i believe only foreshadowed the
final sentence. It was more important to not hurt the feeling of the d-i team
and to let them have their pride, than to search a real solution to this issue.

Also, i do believe it sets a bad precedent, in that the DPL affirmed by this
actions, that it is ok for people inside debian to chose moment of personal
distress of other DDs to get revenge on them, and have no respect for the
person behind the DD. This is i belive a failure of the electronic media we
use for communication, people would generally not behave such in real life,
and if they did, they would be scorned upon by their entourage, and not justified
like it happens here.

I guess this means that i will take a less active role in debian in the
future, and to all those who are now saying good riddance, shame on you, you
are not worthy of what debian represents, altough that sure seems to have
changed since i first joined 8 years ago.


Sven Luther

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