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Bug#364609: O: Gnus -- A versatile News and mailing list reader for Emacsen.

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


        After seven and a half years of maintaining Gnus, I am having
 to give away the package, on what I consider is a matter of
 principle.  My upload removing non-DFSG bits was rejected, on the
 grounds that the upload renamed the source package name (the binary
 package name remains Gnus).

        I find myself unable to comply with calling the source package
 Gnus, even though we remove all documentation from the package, and
 pretending it is just a newer upstream version, since that implies to
 people looking at the list of sources that this is perhaps unreleased
 upstream source package -- even though upstream is vehemently opposed
 to this course of action.

        The package in Debian is currently tracking the development No
 Gnus version.  It is imperative that the version tracked not be
 reverted to the versions shipping in the next release of Emacs, since

        Additionally, as packaged, Gnus does not use _any_ helper
 packages, so unless effort is spent with the build mechanism, or if
 the next maintainer prefers to use helper packages, then this has to
 be packaged from scratch.

        Gnus is different from most elisp packages in that it also
 provides pixmaps for the toolbar, and also images for smilies, so
 special care has to be taken when creating the package.  This is most
 definitely not your run of the mill emacs package.  Also, since we
 track the development branch, the maintainer would have to be on the
 devel list, and has to exercise judgement about which development
 release is bug-free enough to include into Sid.

        It is a bit of a wrench to give up this package, since I have
 been the mainsiner since Micheal Dorman packaged it (and never
 uploaded another version), but Gnus has non-free materiel, and
 therefore needs a new upload _now_. I feel uncomfortable acceding to
 practices I consider unethical, and I lack the motivation to fight
 the ftp masters and the project on this issue.

Money is the root of all evil, and man needs roots.
Manoj Srivastava   <srivasta@debian.org>  <http://www.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/>
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