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Re: Bug#364609: O: Gnus -- A versatile News and mailing list reader for Emacsen.

On Mon, April 24, 2006 15:39, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> new upload _now_. I feel uncomfortable acceding to practices I consider
> unethical, and I lack the motivation to fight the ftp masters and the
> project on this issue.

You use the term "unethical" to describe a difference in opinion about a
source package name...? And the word "fight" when talking about what could
be a reasonable technical discussion? You orphan the package publically as
a matter of protest? This is hyperbolic and doesn't help the atmosphere on
the lists.

I don't think any difference of opinion about version numbering has
something to do with ethics or fighting at all.

There's an established practice of doing it "Jörg's way" and there's also
some packages doing it "your way". If you don't get consensus on going
through with your way, please accept that as a technical difference of
opinion, not like some unjustice that has been done to you.


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