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Re: Bug#363598: udev should conflict with ifrename

* Marco d'Itri:

> On Apr 21, Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote:
>> > KERNEL=="*.*", GOTO="persistent_net_generator_end"
>> No visible change.
>> There's an error message in the syslog:
>> Apr 21 10:05:30 l udevd-event[6705]: rename_net_if: error changing net interface name eth0.1_ifrename to eth0: timeout

> I think that something is wrong here, because it should not even try
> renaming eth0.1.

It seems as if I've copied the line correctly, and I've also rebooted
the machine.  I don't know why udev still wants to touch the

>> Sometimes, the error message is "Device or resource busy".
>> By the way, are there any other names managed by udev where the name
>> cannot be changed while the object is in use?  Maybe this is part of
>> the problem here.  It's impossible to rename a network interface while
>> it is being used.

> No, only network interfaces are special.

I think this needs to be fixed, otherwie the udev will never work well
for them due to its asynchronous nature.

> Actually, at that time VLANs have not been created yet. OTOH I can see
> that if they were created and the subinterfaces raised asyncronously in
> a boot script then there would be a race with udev. (Not that it really
> matters since they are not supposed to be renamed anyway.)

Why do you think they are not supposed to be renamed?

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