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Re: Bug#363598: udev should conflict with ifrename

* Marco d'Itri:

> On Apr 21, Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote:
>> This change also broke the vlan package, which hasn't got to do much
>> with interface renaming (from a user perspective).  New VLAN
>> interfaces are called "eth0.1_ifrename" instead of "eth0.1".
> Interesting, I think this happens because eth0 and eth0.1 have the same
> MAC address.
> Can you try to add this to the top of persistent-net-generator.rules?
> KERNEL=="*.*", GOTO="persistent_net_generator_end"

No visible change.

There's an error message in the syslog:

Apr 21 10:05:30 l udevd-event[6705]: rename_net_if: error changing net interface name eth0.1_ifrename to eth0: timeout

Sometimes, the error message is "Device or resource busy".

By the way, are there any other names managed by udev where the name
cannot be changed while the object is in use?  Maybe this is part of
the problem here.  It's impossible to rename a network interface while
it is being used.

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