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Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

Joey Hess wrote:
> Mike Bird wrote:
>> Metapackages are great.  Need to add KDE to a system?  Wham.  Done.
>> If you don't like them, don't install them.
> The kde metpackage is a spacial case, since KDE is all one related
> thing, that shares a release schedule. And yet it still causes many of
> the problems I mentioned. This is why you'll see the release team time
> and time again having large transitions involed in getting KDE into
> testing. The gnome metapackages have the same issues.

Note that the KDE meta packages are only really taken care of near a
release because of the transitioning problems... If the meta packages
get to testing earlier it's very probable they will not be installable
for a long time...



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