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Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

Mike Bird wrote:
> Metapackages are great.  Need to add KDE to a system?  Wham.  Done.
> If you don't like them, don't install them.

The kde metpackage is a spacial case, since KDE is all one related
thing, that shares a release schedule. And yet it still causes many of
the problems I mentioned. This is why you'll see the release team time
and time again having large transitions involed in getting KDE into
testing. The gnome metapackages have the same issues.

None of this makes a new, much larger metapackage a good idea.

> Ideally, tasksel would be changed to use the dependencies of
> any meta package WITHOUT installing the meta package.

Ideally, people would familiarize themselves with tasksel's code before
suggesting that it do things that it's already capable of.

However, even though tasksel can do that, it doesn't solve any of the
problems that I mentioned.

> * This exposes the task recommendations to other package
>   dependency/management systems rather than keeping them
>   hidden in /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc.
> * This would avoid having to install 1.7MB of tasksel and
>   write an extra parser in order to obtain 15KB of
>   dependency info in /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc.

The essential task information is available in the Packages files. This is
why you will see tasks listed in aptitude, for example.

see shy jo

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