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Re: Guidelines for packaging projects on Alioth

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006, Simon Huggins wrote:
> Sure the config file was clearer on that than your mail certainly.


> Yes this makes more sense now.  I must admit I still thought the PTS was
> only really a way to get all the bugs for a package.
> Is there a reason that when you subscribe to the PTS you don't just get
> everything by default?

Yes, the PTS is not a "developer-only" tool. It's also for users who care
about a specific software in Debian and they certainly don't care about
the diff of the packaging. They do want to know when a new version comes
out and they may help duplicating bugs and so on. But not much more.

(Well, that's the theory, I never did any study of who the subscribers

> I'll go look at adding the PTS to pkg-xfce now anyway.


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