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Re: Bug#354674: What on earth?

su, 2006-04-16 kello 22:25 +0200, Gabor Gombas kirjoitti:
> So, [- - -] what are _YOUR_ excuses for
> not testing the transition when it was still in experimental? And if you
> did not do that, what are you complaining about?

I like this attitude: you either help, or you shut up. Attacking people
because they made a mistake and are busy fixing it is not productive.

We're together in this chaotic beauty called the Debian Project, and
when there is a problem, it's *our* problem. Not the X maintainers'
problem, not the release managers' problem, but all our problem. We all
either work to help fix it, or at least we stand silently aside so as
not to make things worse.

Talk is cheap. Whines are practically free.

One does not see anything until one sees its beauty. -- O.W.

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