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Re: Upload getting lost

Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel@mamane.lu> writes:

> As other people have pointed out later in the thread, my point was
> that I was _not_ having an epoch with dots in it; my version string
> was 0:1.2.7:1.2.8-1, which is explicitly allowed by policy (if there
> is an epoch, then the upstream version can contain a colon.) and
> parses as:
>  - epoch: 0
>  - upstream version: 1.2.7:1.2.8
>  - Debian revision: 1
> I don't particularly care whether we allow colons in upstream version
> or not, but the behaviour of katie / britney / dpkg / ... and policy
> should definitely be consistent.

I hope you are aware that dpkg (correctly) takes no epoch as an
implicit epoch of 0. Apt on the other hand (wrongfully) tracks
explicitly if you have not epoch or an epoch of 0.

So better use an epoch of 1 to avoid this bug.


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