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Re: Bug#361418: [Proposal] new Debian menu structure

> "Amateur Radio", as fuzzy as it may be, is at least literally
> translatable, and HAM is not. Please realize that English menu is not
> targeted at English speaking world only. It is also a default for
> situations where translation is not available.

Rebounding on that mail, but actually more expressing my general
feeling (and yet another nice Frenglish sentence).

I also voluntarily don't react directly to Manoj's mail, which I found
somewhat offensive towards people who want to make Debian accessible
to as many users as possible.

Menu entries have something specific: they are read both by people who
will try to find something pertaining to their categories (here,
people looking for "HAM" stuff) AND by people who are seeking
something else but will of course cross the other entries.

In short, they are by definition read by everybody.

This is why I think we should make them accessible to all users. This
is not "dumbification", this is just basic accessibility.

I don't really consider myself as a total nerd when it comes at
computing stuff, but the jargon behind "HAM Radio" has been mystery
for me for very long. I suppose that even HAM Radio specialists
themselves say "Amateur Radio" when they talk about their hobby to non
specialists....just because they want to be understood.

So, this is why I suggest using "Amateur Radio" to the menu package

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