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Re: Bug#361418: [Proposal] new Debian menu structure

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>         Amateur radio is the dumb name, for people who are confused by
>  what the practioners call it -- HAM radio.

It is translated as "amateur radio" to some languages. Others translate
it entirely to something specific to that language. And some use HAM.

Can you claim that HAM is the most common name for this worldwide?

>> The correct term would probably be "handheld amateur radio", but
>> this is, in my opinion, a bit too long for a section name.
>         There may be need for such a category -- but that is not what
>  HAM radio is.  Perhaps you should learn what we are talking about
>  before you pontificate?

I, as everybody else here, am only trying to make things better. My
explanation was wrong and I acknowledged my mistake in my previous post.
I will acknowledge it again, if that makes you fell better.

HAM does not stand for "handheld amateur radio". My explanation that it
does is FALSE. I was unintentionally referring to a different thing.
Sorry for the confusion.

>> I vote for "Amateur Radio".
> I am so glad we don't vote for everything in this project.

Note that my original suggestion actually was to name it "HAM Radio",
because I was told that HAM stands for what I have previously written.
Now that I know that it does not, I find it a bad name.

"Amateur Radio", as fuzzy as it may be, is at least literally
translatable, and HAM is not. Please realize that English menu is not
targeted at English speaking world only. It is also a default for
situations where translation is not available.

I expressed my concerns and will not be commenting on this issue
anymore. Sorry again for any confusion my previous posts might have caused.


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