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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

[Kevin Mark]
> What about: '100-300MHZ system desktop(XFCE)'
> Also, based upon the cpu/mem info, display:
> you machine has a 766MHZ processor with 128MB memory.
> [x]KDE desktop environment[500mhz or greater]
> [ ]GNOME desktop evirnoenne[500mhz or greater]
> [ ]XFCE desktop enviorneme[300mhz or greater]
> [ ]TWM desktop enviroemnet[100mhz or greater]

Your implication that some absolute number of MHz means much about
system performance is very i386-centric.  May as well go back to using
the bogomips value, at least the bogo- prefix is honest.

(Now, amount of RAM is at least _somewhat_ comparable as a metric for
what combination of apps will thrash the system and what might not.
For a single-user, single-login machine.  Doesn't particularly apply
to, say, a terminal server.)

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