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TI calcs related packages up for adoption


I am putting the following (source) packages up for adoption:
 - tilp: TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X
 - tiemu: Texas Instruments calculators emulator
 - skinedit: skin editor for TiEmu
 - tidev-modules: Sources for drivers for Texas Instruments calculators link cables

And their support libraries, too:
 - libtifiles0: Texas Instruments calculators file formats library
 - libticables3: support library for Texas Instruments link cables
 - libticalcs4: provides functions to communicate with TI calculators

I kind of lost interest in the TiLP project, thus I'm no longer the
best maintainer for these packages.

Note that TiLP II and TiEmu III are out upstream; it is a new
generation, and they need newer versions of the libraries. If you're
interested in adopting the above packages, you should probably package
the new versions, then ask for removal of tilp, tiemu, and libti*.

The packages are now orphaned, feel free to pick them up.

WNPP Bug#:
 - tilp: 362157
 - tiemu: 362159
 - skinedit: 362161
 - tidev-modules: 362162
 - libtifiles0: 362166
 - libticables3: 362163
 - libticalcs4: 362164


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