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Re: Use clisp shiped with source or from Debian?

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Joerg Sommer wrote:
> I've got it managed to build with the clisp package from Debian. But
> I have little problem and saw the Debian package depends on X11.
> Upstream do not support other versions than this one shipped with
> the source and depending on the clisp package would make more
> packages need to be installed to use Xindy -- a simple text
> processor needs X11.

It needs libx11, which isn't the same thing as needing the X Server.
If this really is a serious deal, you should talk to the clisp
maintainer about making a version that doesn't link against libx11...
but odds are most installs will have those packages anyway.
> What do you think? Is it better to use the clisp version shipped
> with the source tarball or use the Debian package?

Use the Debian package. Otherwise you're making more work for the all
of the security teams, as well as losing the benifits of any Debian
specific patches that are put into the clisp package. [I'd also urge
having upstream not distribute clisp themselves, or if they must,
distribute it alongside instead of in the tarball.]

It also may be the case that you only need common-lisp-controller, not
clisp itself, unless the code in question will only work with clisp,
not any of the other common lisp implementations. [Someone else who is
more familiar with lisp will have to answer this aspect, though.]

Don Armstrong

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