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Re: Reforming the NM process

Scripsit "Rudi Cilibrasi" <cilibrar@gmail.com>

> I wonder if the same could be applied to Debian?  (note I am not a
> NM/DD yet) I think Debian has really taken off as a new nexus for open
> source and would expect if it were possible to make a money
> contribution to speed up the NM queue many would be up for it.

No [expletive deleted] way. Debian is a volunteer organization. This
means that we don't get paid. Lots of the various kinds of work people
do for debian are mind-bogglingly boring - one random thing that comes
to mind is the work Frank Küster is doing on #218105. Singling out
AMing in particular as work worth money would be far out of proportion.

Henning Makholm                                      "Punctuation, is? fun!"

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