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Use clisp shiped with source or from Debian?


I would like to pack Xindy an index processing system like makeindex.
Xindy's source comes with clisp 2.33.2 and it is compiled at build time.

I've got it managed to build with the clisp package from Debian. But I
have little problem and saw the Debian package depends on X11. Upstream
do not support other versions than this one shipped with the source and
depending on the clisp package would make more packages need to be
installed to use Xindy -- a simple text processor needs X11.

On the other hand I can decrease the compile time heavily, make the
package architecture independent and smaller. And I see the problem that
I have to track the development of clisp and maybe backport (security)
bugs if I use the clisp version from the tarball.

What do you think? Is it better to use the clisp version shipped with the
source tarball or use the Debian package?

Thanks for your comments, Jörg.
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