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Re: amd64 uploads

Pierre Habouzit <pierre.habouzit@m4x.org> writes:

> Moreover, looking at [1], there is a quite rather impressive list of 
> package that FTBFS since ages, that are apparently unmaintained, and 
> whose maintainer looks like to be MIA since more than a year (all 
> packages are the same version as in stable, or NMU-ed, and a lot of 
> important â?? or higher severities â?? opened bugs for more than a year, 
> not to mention the ones that are tagged 'patch').

There is also a number of packages (418) that used to build (available
on amd64.debian.net) but now FTBFS or Dep-Wait on something that
FTBFS. All of those you can probably summarize under bit-rot. The
Debian-amd64 team has now started doing some aggressive porter NMUs
(policy allows them after 7 days so don't come screaming if we NMU
some month old bug).

allegro4 amarok amaya amiga-fdisk amule antlr aqmoney aqsis arla
array-util asterisk-chan-misdn atlas3 audacity avrprog bacula balsa
bash3 baycomepp bayonne bazaar beast belpic bluez-sdp bmconf bochs
boinc boson-base bse-alsa busybox-cvs bwbar cacao camediaplay
camelbones cantus ccs cddb.bundle cegui-mk2 celementtree celestia
classpath clearsilver cman commons-daemon config-manager cpbk cpuburn
crash crimson ctsim d4x db2 dbmail dbtcp debian-installer decafc
decompyle2.2 devil dfsbuild drip dvipdfm-cjk dvtitler e3 ean13 ebview
eclipse eclipse-cdt ecos editex eep24c eglade enigmail escm etherboot
extipl fai-kernels fakechroot fdflush fence ferite fextremes filtergen
fityk fmultivar foptions fort fox fportfolio freebirth freqtweak
fseries gal2.4 gambit gandalf gasql gbib gcombust gdal gerstensaft gfs
ghc-cvs gimp-print gkdial gkrellongrun gmime1 gnbd gnome-db gnumail
gnuradio-core gnustep-antlr gnustep-dl2 gnustep-gd gobo goldedplus
gonzui gorm gpsd gpsim gpsim-lcd gpsim-led gpsim-logic gr-audio-alsa
gr-audio-oss grass gtk-smooth-engine gtools guikachu gupsc gwget2
haskell-hsql haskell-http haskell-src-exts haskelldb hat hdup
helix-player hk-classes hmisc hs-plugins hsftp htdig iaxclient
icecast-client ikvm imageviewer insight iroffer isakmpd isapnptools
ispell-fo ispell-tl ivtools joystick kbear kernsmooth kid3 klic kluppe
kmatplot kmymoney2 knoda krb4 kudzu l2tpd lablgtk lattice latticeextra
ledstats libapache-mod-cgi-debug libapache-mod-python
libapache-mod-security libapache-mod-trigger libapache-mod-witch
libapache2-mod-python libapache2-mod-xmlrpc2 libaqbanking
libaqhbci-qt-tools libcairo-ruby libcdk libchipcard libdatetime-perl
libdb2-ruby libdb3-ruby libdb4.2-ruby libdb4.3-ruby libdbi-drivers
libembperl-perl libfoundation1.0 libgda libgdchart-gd2 libgimp-perl
libgpgme-ruby libkpathsea-perl libnss-ldap libopenhbci
libopenhbci-plugin-ddvcard libopentoken libparportled libpcap0.9
librcov-ruby librudiments0 libsdl-erlang libsndfile0 libspf libtool1.4
llvm lmtest login.app ltt lxdoom lynkeos.app magma magma-plugins
mailfront mapserver matrox-tvout mcmcpack mcrypt mcvs mdbtools mercury
mgapdesk mgcv mindi mindi-busybox mkvtoolnix mlgtk mondo morse
mozilla-thunderbird mp3kult mp3splt mpb mxv myodbc mysql-dfsg
mysql-dfsg-4.1 nautilus-python nbio nessus-core netapplet
newpki-client nictools-nopci nictools-pci nlme npadmin nqc nw802
obexserver ogre oonsoo openalpp-cvs opencdk8.11 openmash
openmsx-catapult openscenegraph orca orgadoc osgal-cvs osgcal
packagesearch pam-mysql panorama pdl pexts pgadmin3 pike7.4 pileup
plplot plucker poedit pointless poker-network preferences
prelude-manager prelude-nids primaxscan proguard projectcenter
prospect psqlodbc pyflac pygdchart2 pykdeextensions pymad pyme
pymodplug pyopenssl pysvn python-adns python-bsddb3 python-bz2
python-cjkcodecs python-crack python-csv python-iconvcodec
python-japanese-codecs python-kde3 python-korean-codecs
python-omniorb2 python-orbit python-oss python-pam python-parted
python-pylibacl python-pyxattr python-scipy python-tclink python2.1
python2.2 pyxine pyxmms qbankmanager qcam qgis qglviewer r-cran-eco
r-cran-mapdata r-cran-maps r-cran-mnp r-cran-xml r-noncran-lindsey
rapidsvn rate-engine rawrec rdiff-backup rekall rgl rivet rmatrix
robotour rpart rpvm rsprng ruby1.9 saods9 saoimage sbm scim-chewing
scorched3d screem scsi-idle sdl-ttf1.2 sffview silky sim
simpleui.bundle smartcard sooperlooper sope spfmilter spidermonkey
splay sppc sqlrelay sqlxx steghide steptalk strace survex survival
svgatextmode swi-prolog swingwt swt-gtk swt-motif syck tcldom
tcltk8.0-ja tclxml terminal thuban thy thy-auth timfx tipptrainer
tkrat tkrplot tktable torcs towitoko trustedqsl tuxtype twinkle
twisted-runner tyvis varkon vdslib viewpdf.app vlc vr waiho.app
welcome2l whitelister wims wings3d wmcpuload wsoundprefs wstools
wxmaxima wxwidgets2.6 wxwindows2.4 x86info xastir xbox-raincoat xchm
xdrawchem xgsmlib xmms-alarm-bmp1 xmule xprint yate yepp yforth
zatacka zed zh-sgmltools zmailer zopeinterface


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