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amd64 uploads

It looks like that the archive has now been built, and that only newly 
uploaded packages, and packages that Dep-Wait on Failed builds remains.

Maybe is it time to authorize amd64 uploads ?

Moreover, looking at [1], there is a quite rather impressive list of 
package that FTBFS since ages, that are apparently unmaintained, and 
whose maintainer looks like to be MIA since more than a year (all 
packages are the same version as in stable, or NMU-ed, and a lot of 
important — or higher severities — opened bugs for more than a year, 
not to mention the ones that are tagged 'patch').

e.g. looking at the bugs which number is strictly less than #300000 
gives already a list of unmaintained and bitrotten packages. Some even 
don't deserve to be NMU-ed and should IMHO be removed from the archive. 
Some other are buggy enough to be barely usable, and would need a 
maintainer to fix them.

I suppose there is some stubs here to do some MIA-hunt and cleaning of 
the archive.

[1] http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=amd64&state=Failed

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