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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

[Jerome Warnier]
> BTW, how could I apply for becoming DD with only doing sysadmin
> tasks?  I'd do it immediately. That's my job, I'm pretty good at it,
> and I prefer that to packaging, while I'm able to package too (I
> already have a package of mine in Debian).

I have not confirmed that this procedure will work, but here is my
suggestions anyway.

 - The Alioth system administrators have asked for help several times.
   Get in touch with them and check what exactly they need help with.
   Do a good job helping them, and prove that way your abilities as a
   system administrator.  Next, contact the new maintainer frontdesk
   and ask how the NM process fit your skill set and interest, and go
   through the process to become a official Debian Developer.

 - There are several custom debian distributions focusing on making it
   easier to maintain a installation of Debian machines.  For example
   Debian-Edu and Debian-NP comes to mind.  Become active in these
   sub-projects, and do a god job improving the tools and maintain the
   system used by these projects, and then as earlier described, make
   contact with the new maintainer frontdesk to discuss your case.

There is no need to wait until your official Debian Developer
membership card is available for you to become involved in sysadmin
work in Debian.  And already being involved will make it a lot easier
for you to become a official Debian Developer.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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