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Bug#359137: general: Box does not switch of on halt

Hi Andreas,

uh, it's not that common to get general linux support using the debian BTS, 
isn't it?

Andreas Tille wrote:
> [...]
> since about three weeks I observe problems when issuing halt
> on three different testing-boxes (two older desktops without ACPI
> and one laptop with ACPI).  The computer just does not switch off.
> If I try to reboot it is also impossible, because the shutdown
> process stops at the same point where halt stops.  The last
> messages on the console are:
>   Shutdown: hda
>   System halted.

Some time ago I had a similar problem on my notebook. It didn't power down, 
but it was able to reboot. For my notebook I solved the problem using the 
kernel boot parameter nolapic. Maybe this might help against your problem 


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