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Re: Bug#359137: general: Box does not switch of on halt

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Micha Lenk wrote:

uh, it's not that common to get general linux support using the debian BTS,
isn't it?

I'm asking not for general Linux support.  I just detected a bug
after a weekly upgrade from testing to newer testing and I file
it against general because nobody was able to guess what package
might be responsible.

Some time ago I had a similar problem on my notebook. It didn't power down,
but it was able to reboot.

I guess this is a *completely* different problem.  It is not the only
problem that the box does not switch of.  The problem is that the
shutdown is *not* completed.  Or how would you explain the fsck for the
next boot?

For my notebook I solved the problem using the
kernel boot parameter nolapic. Maybe this might help against your problem

As expected this does not help.  Please, I had enough general linux
support like answers that do not fit for the problem and you can believe
me that I'm skilled enough to track down simple things that are described
in FAQs.

Kind regards



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