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Re: Bug#358003: ITP: ttf-dzongkha -- TrueType fonts for Dzongkha language

su, 2006-03-26 kello 15:07 +0200, Adam Borowski kirjoitti:
> Why would viewing the document matter if you don't know the language or 
> even the script in the first place?

To get out of it what I can. Sometimes it is surprisingly much, even
when one doesn't understand the language or the script. To find, say,
the place that looks like the correct table of place names so that I can
copy and paste it somewhere to be translated.

> This is a bad example, as cyrillic is used by more than 200 languages 
> other than Russian; this includes both a number of southern slavic 
> languages (Serbian, Bulgarian, etc) and mosts nations that have been 
> conquered by Russians at some point in their history.  According to 
> your argument, we would have to mention all of these in the description
> of every cyrillic font.

Yes, I'd like that. ;-)

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