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Re: We want to honestly apoligize to the whole Debian Community

Our actions in the Debian Mailing Lists were uncalled for.  We honestly regret everything we said and did.  We want to specifically apoligize to the leadership of the Debian project and especially the DPL. We know that they are honest to goodness hard workers and are genuinly interested in the success of the Debian Project.  We respect how dilligently they work despite the fact they aren't receiving anything but appreciation in return for they are true volunteers.

We also want to apoligize specifically to Mark Shuttleworth whoes name we forged in a post.  He has done a great job supporting the linux community.  We also want to apoligize to Brigham Young University for posing as their students for we know the institution does deserve the disrespect it may have obtained from our post.  We know the school sets high standards, much higher than most, and unfortunatly we made it appear as if they had none.

We also apoligize to the whole Debian Community and all those associated therewith.

Though we don't deserve it we would like to be heard out one last time.  You will never hear from us again we promise and our plea is genuine:

Please set the release date for future Debian releases to the September Gnome Release + 4 months.  This is were we get the timing:

Phase 1: Gnome is released and you spend the first entire month doing all the crazy things to the package that should only be done in experimental with a goal that at the end of the first month the package will be in Unstable.

Phase 2:  During the second month you work hard doing all the RC bug fixes and everything else needed so that by the end of the second month it has entered testing.

Phase 3:  You know have two months with the new gnome in testing to have a bug smashing fest so that the whole distro is ready and the end of four months for release.

Now this is possible, as evidence you will see gnome 2.14 enter unstable withen a month of release.

Next, it only took the gnome team to get gnome 2.12 from unstable to testing with no RC bugs.

At that point you now have your two months to smash all the other RC bugs in the distroi with the new gnome in place.

Please hear us out.  This is not only posible but something that will greatly help Debian.  You will have your consistant releases.  In fact September + 4 means the new stable will always ring in the New Year.  Everyone will be happy.  And, unlike a short six month cycle, with a year you can get a lot accomplished.  And plus, to the average user, the most up to date gnome is most important.

Please if nothing else gove us the common courtesy of explaining your thoughts on this.  Please see we are sincere and really think this would be the best thing to happen to Debian in a long time.  We know it will be positive.  

Again we want to apoligize for our mistakes.  Again you will never hear from us again.  We promise. :)
                                                         The pretend BYU students

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