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Re: We want to honestly apoligize to the whole Debian Community

also sprach Gregg Coner <aptgetdistupgrade@gmail.com> [2006.03.23.0002 +0100]:
> Phase 1: Gnome is released and you spend the first entire month doing all the
> crazy things to the package that should only be done in experimental with a
> goal that at the end of the first month the package will be in Unstable.
> Phase 2:  During the second month you work hard doing all the RC bug fixes and
> everything else needed so that by the end of the second month it has entered
> testing.
> Phase 3:  You know have two months with the new gnome in testing to have a bug
> smashing fest so that the whole distro is ready and the end of four months for
> release.

How about you add a little *you* to those yous above? As in help to
make it happen.

>            Sincerly,
>                                                          The pretend BYU
> students

How about you identify youselves? An anonymous apology is kinda

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