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Re: We want to honestly apoligize to the whole Debian Community

On Thursday 23 March 2006 00:02, Gregg Coner wrote:
> And plus, to the average user, the most up to date gnome is most
> important. 

Haven't you heard? The average Gnome user is switching away from Gnome to 
other alternatives.

Myself, I'm a KDE user currently, so why do I not propose to sync Debian's 
release to their release schedule? Or why not MySQL, or Apache or ...?
Because I happen to know that releasing Debian involves a bit more than 
waiting for random upstream releases.

Debian follows its own release schedule (which may or may not be optimal) 
and personally I'm very happy with the fact that all signs are that Etch 
will be released in about half the time it took for Sarge to be released.


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