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Re: cross-compiling Debian packages

> >You have too old version of libgcc1-arm-cross, that does not provide
> >libgcc1-arm-dcv1 (and, btw, installs to /usr/arm-linux/)
>   No, that's not true. It does install into /usr/arm-linux-gnu.
>  I got this one from the latest gcc sources
> (4.0.2-9). And it still does not provide libgcc1-arm-dcv1. I always
> compile stuff from sources BTW, so that should have produced correct
> cross package...

Aiieee...I see. How this could stay unnoticed until today?..
Probably nobody uses this stuff :(

Quick workaround: use dpkg-cross on libgcc1 arm binary package from debian 
Proper fix will follow as soon as soon as I find time for that.

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