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counselor@debian.org volunteers?

#include <hallo.h>
* Florian Haas [Thu, Mar 09 2006, 06:31:42PM]:
> That is fine and dandy, but how do you want to adress the underlying
> problem of the work ?

I may have watched too much Startrek in my youth since I this morning I
have spontaneously got an idea while trying to understand the root of
another personal fight.

We need a mediator - an official delegate who is responsible for finding
a solution for personal/communication problems. I know that we often map
our personal problems to technical problems, but there is also too much
pride and sometimes arrogance involved. People act more and more
irrational when there are social/personal tensions.

Fortunately, the ongoing DPL election seems to offer good chances to
speedup developments in this direction.

<Perun> TCW: mit daten cd geht es
<Perun> TCW: aber mountet man na audio cd nicht mit -t iso9660?

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