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Re: For those who care about stable updates (update)

Florian Haas wrote:
> Joey did not quit because he woke up this morning and didn't feel like
> doing the work.

Yes, that is an issue that really has to be discussed in a civil manner
and in more depth. The issue I am refering to is, again, the fragile
equilibrium between meritocracy and elected delegates. People that hold
key positions in the project. 

And I am very sorry to bring this up in such a painful moment, but I am
afraid Joey himself has sometimes behaved in the same way that he so
bitterly complains James Troup behaved. With plenty of differences,
sure. And in no way I am trying to dissmiss the huge amount of work and
time I am sure both have put into their respective tasks. 

But as far as I see (again biased by my own perception, lack of
information and the alignment of Venus/Jupiter) both have issues
with delegating, or acknowledging being overworked. 

I do have these same issues myself, I guees, we all do. No big deal,
because my role is, fortunately for the project, not key to the project.

I wonder if it is a control issue after all, on top of this lack of
transparency and feedback. 

Just my thoughts, not judging anyone.

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