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Re: For those who care about stable updates

On 09.03. 10:38, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> What's wrong with us ? I just read some messages with a "no Martin,
> can we revert it?", it seems that the default reply is "ok Martin, see
> you, thanks.".
> It's volunteer work, he's free to do whatever he wants and spend his
> time with more pleasant tasks, but when will we try to solve some of
> the real problems we have instead going through the easy way that is
> "ok, who's going to take that task?". It's clear that the new stable
> maintainer or group will have at least some of the current problems.
> Don't you care ?

As one of the persons who answered "Thanks, see you", I would like
to express my concern about this as well. You are totally right when
you say something has to be done against these problems and
especially against persons and/or cirumstances that block effektive
work from being done. I am no DD and my knowledge about the
internals of Debian is limited, but I wonder if there is no way of
forcing a change of the blocks Martin encountered.

Christian Fromme

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