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Re: Fonts packages maintenance team (second) proposal

> Also if such a team is created I don't have a lot of time to help a lot, 
> so I won't refuse to give some help, but I probably will not be the most 
> active person in the team!
> What I really like in the proposal is having a font policy, and maybe a 
> sort of package skeleton for new fonts. But that does not necessarily 
> implies the creation of a team. Nothing against though.
> All that said, I am not really for or against maintaining such packages 
> in a team, so if such a team is created, I will put my package in team 
> maintainance, if not I won't try to push everybody to create a team.

Aurélien, your remarks fit some of the remarks made by other font
package maintainers.

This is something I tried to cope with in the proposal. The proposal
insists on the team being more a place to federate energies and
knowledge, more than enforce work methods.

In short, existing font package maintainers are encouraged to join the
team, even as lurkers, to just know what happens in that field. This
is what I call the "loose" part of the team.

For instance, for your own case, I would encourage you to subscribe to
the team's mailing list, read it when you have time and just follow
what happens.

And, for people who don't even wish to join at all, well the team will
not point fingers at them, or whatever. We accept that various Debian
package maintainers have different work methods and we won't try
enforcing ours to others.

Hope this answers the possible concerns you (or others) might have

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