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Re: Fonts packages maintenance team (second) proposal


Christian Perrier a écrit :
This mail is CC'ed to all ttf-* font packages maintainers. Getting
their reaction to this proposal is important, especially for those who
didn't see the first initial mail.

Oops, it seems I missed the first mail to debian-devel. I was trying to skip flam^Wsocial discussions, it seems I skipped to much things...

So, please follow up in -devel to show interest, criticism, laughs
and the like (if needed, temporarily subscribe to -devel...you'll see
it's not *only* made of trolls and flamewars).

I am the maintainer of ttf-dustin. My opinion is that I don't spend a lot of time on this package, just fixing few small bugs in the package, as the upstream is dead. Well he was dead, as he shows up again recently and according to his blog he will work again on some of the fonts to improve them, and maybe on new ones. That's really good, as I really like his work.

Also if such a team is created I don't have a lot of time to help a lot, so I won't refuse to give some help, but I probably will not be the most active person in the team!

What I really like in the proposal is having a font policy, and maybe a sort of package skeleton for new fonts. But that does not necessarily implies the creation of a team. Nothing against though.

All that said, I am not really for or against maintaining such packages in a team, so if such a team is created, I will put my package in team maintainance, if not I won't try to push everybody to create a team.


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