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Re: Fonts packages maintenance team (second) proposal


besides the fact that I agree with the people saying that this team is a
unnecessary institution for *package maintenance*, and that ttf-opensymbol
is built from the openoffice.org source package anyway ...

Christian Perrier wrote:
>  Improve communication
>  ---------------------
> This team will, by the use of a mailing list, allow good communication
> among font package maintainers. This can help all of us to benefit
> >from the experience of font experts, who are not that common.

... this ...

>  Write a font packaging policy
>  -----------------------------
> One of the goals for this team would be setting up a font packaging
> policy. Font packages are usually very simple packages, but having a
> common packaging style would greatly help incorporating new fonts in
> Debian. 

... and this ...

makes sense.

> Enforcing this policy to existing font packages is not in the top
> priority of the team.

What is a policy useful for when most packages are not following it? I
think if there's a sane policy people should have to migrate to it;
otherwise you don't need to write a policy for that...



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