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Re: lists.d.o Spam (was: Marking BTS spam)

Hallo! Du (Javier Fern?ndez-Sanguino Pe?a) hast geschrieben:

>Well, I thought it would be useful to 
>a) have spam mails from the mailing list archive
>b) enhance the filters

for that we have the 'report as spam'-Button. We also use that input
for the filters, but mainly, the damage is done in some cases years
ago, it makes no sense to use that now in the filters, because spam
has changed since then, and the filters may be adjusted in response to
old spam already. 

The button is good for pointing out where we should remove something.

>I bounced a month's worth of spam with that idea in mind. I don't see what
>advantage is there in reporting only 2 day's worth of spam. It's not like we
>are going to report this to the ISPs (like Spamcop is), are we?
>In any case, I will refrain from bouncing "old" spam from now on.

As we change our filters on a regular basis, those old spams may be
filtered already, so we have to single them out to find other common
criteria for the 'new' spam.

As a rule of thumb: don't send in spam to the experimental address
thats older then the timestamp of our filters. (which appears in our
headers.) It's always fine to nominate Spam you find in our

>I understand that this mechanism could be abused by casual bystanders, but
>you could maybe set "trusted moderators" for lists in the sense that *their*
>reports (conveniently GPG signed) could be used to remove spam in a more
>automatic fashion?
>After all, if we trust DDs to develop software that installs in our
>systems as root I guess we could trust some of them to report spam fairly.

I agree generally, but establishing that needs some work ;-)

>IMHO, that's one of the issues with the web reporting button: it's anonymous
>and might lead to abuse. If you can link report to reporter (through a
>GPG-signed e-mail) then you can increase trust (if you trust the reporter)
>and consequently, increase your confidence in doing something more automated
>with *his* report than with John Doe's. Would that be a possibility? Maybe
>long term?

maybe :-)

        Cord, Debian Listmaster of the day

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