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Re: lists.d.o Spam (was: Marking BTS spam)

Hallo! Du (Javier Fern?ndez-Sanguino Pe?a) hast geschrieben:

>I've just bounced all the spam from Debian mailing lists that got through my
>(local and ISP's) filters and I had stored in a separate folder to that
>address. They are 33, hopefully it will not get me blacklisted.
>Is it OK if we, mutt users, use this?

it's ok if you script it and make it easy to report.

it's not ok to bounce us spam from years ago, this address is another
feedback-loop to enhace our filters, it's useless to get old[1] spam

(and for those that expect immediate healing from this: the input
won't be piped into some filters for learning, as it would be to
easy to poison it then.)

[1] older than two days.


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