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Re: Is there some guideline saying that native packages should be avoided?

Am Dienstag, 28. Februar 2006 21:26 schrieb Henning Makholm:
> Further, providing an .orig.tar.gz without the debian/ directory helps
> prevent confusion for users on non-Debian systems.

So the same reason for not including a .spec file (for creating RPM packages).
On the other side, some user may find it very useful.
Same goes for users of Debian stable that like to use a newer version without 
doing the backporting.

I think the main reason for not inluding the debian subdir in upstream sources 
it that it may result in naming problem (see the cupsys packages: the deb 
provided by upstream was a single package named "cups").
And the patch is easier to read if the subdir is only added ;)


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