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Is there some guideline saying that native packages should be avoided?

Hello, I'm a long-time debian user that aspires to be a DD someday.  I
recently posted many RFS's on debian-mentors, some of which were
software that I'm both the upstream author and packager of.  These
packages are native Debian packages, i.e. their source distribution is
only one .tar.gz.  It was pointed to me that packages should be
preferably non-native, even if no source release without the debian/
subdir has ever existed.

I would like to ask whether there really is such a guideline, and if so,
which are the technical / political reasons that lead to it.  I have
been informed about one technical detail, which is that when you only
make changes to packaging, you only need to change the .diff.gz.
However, I don't understand the benefit of this, and I've been
maintaining my software as debian-native projects for many years,
without any observable problems.

Panu Kalliokoski

ps. please cc me, because I'm not subscribing to -devel.

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