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Re: Bug#353277: ndiswrapper in main

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

> There are a few ways to interpret the word "wrapper". Ndiswrapper could
> certainly be seen as a "wrapper" of sorts, but not in the way that
> policy means. A "wrapper", as used in policy, is a script or small
> executable that will set up the environment (LD_PRELOAD,
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH, ...) and then run the "actual" binary.
> /usr/bin/firefox on a Debian system, for example, is a wrapper in the
> meaning that policy is talking about.

Wow, all that from one sentence.  I don't see policy saying anything
of the kind.  I can see that this is one interpretation of it, but I
can't see any reason to think this is the preferred one.


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