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Re: Bug#353277: ndiswrapper in main

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:

> ndiswrapper is a piece of free software.  It does not need non-free tools
> to build, and it will execute as a standalone app without any drivers.
> The fact that most people use it to enable non-free drivers to work is
> largely irrelevant - most people use wine and various other emulators
> for similar purposes.
> We have historically allowed all of these in main because we have defined
> the criteria for main in the SC and the DFSG.  Repeatedly over the past
> year or two, several people have been trying to incrementally rewrite
> the foundation documents by stealth through a slow process of arguing
> for new interpretations of what these documents meant.  I see this
> entire thread as yet one more attempt at this incremental revisionist
> work, and it is worrisome.

If you are arguing that people are acting in bad faith, then please
take the argument elsewhere.  I find far more worrisome this attitude
that other developers are lying.  I trust my fellow developers to be
honest with me; if you do not, please do not infect threads with such

I do not see anywhere in the SC or the DFSG reference to the "main"
vs. "contrib" distinction.  Perhaps I have missed it; can you please
point me to it?


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