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Re: dspam in experimental. Please, test.

Le Mardi 28 Février 2006 10:20, Jesus Climent a écrit :
> Hi, you all.
> For those of you who enjoy to live in the bleeding edge, have loads of free
> time or just feel like helping a bit, there is a dspam package in
> experimental waiting for your love.
> Please, give it a try and if you find a bug, report it.

I'm using dspam packages since 3.6.2-3, and I've no problems with them.

> Otherwise, should no showstoppers are found by the end of the week, it will
> be uploaded to unstable.

Thanks for your work. I think that dspam is a very great project, and seeing 
it in Debian is very nice. 

> The reason is not there yet is that we are treating with people's mail, and
> that seems to be a sensitive subject if you suddenly are releaved from
> reading flames by your favourite spam eater, when/if it decides to pipe *
> to /dev/null.

Of course.

Some statistics since I use dspam :

Overall accuracy 98.456%
	(SPAM messages caught + Good messages delivered) / Total number of messages
Spam identification 90.087%
	(Spam catch rate only)
Spam ratio 15.416%
	Total SPAM messages (both caught & missed) / Total number of messages

SPAM messages
	194 missed    1763 caught
Good messages
	2 missed        10736 delivered

Only 2 false positives at the begining, very impressive IMHO.


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