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dspam in experimental. Please, test.

Hi, you all.

For those of you who enjoy to live in the bleeding edge, have loads of free
time or just feel like helping a bit, there is a dspam package in experimental
waiting for your love.

Please, give it a try and if you find a bug, report it.

Otherwise, should no showstoppers are found by the end of the week, it will be
uploaded to unstable.

The reason is not there yet is that we are treating with people's mail, and
that seems to be a sensitive subject if you suddenly are releaved from reading
flames by your favourite spam eater, when/if it decides to pipe * to /dev/null.

Jesus Climent                                      info:www.pumuki.org
Unix SysAdm|Linux User #66350|Debian Developer|2.6.15|Helsinki Finland
GPG: 1024D/86946D69 BB64 2339 1CAA 7064 E429  7E18 66FC 1D7F 8694 6D69

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		--Kay (Men in Black)

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