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Re: lists.d.o Spam (was: Marking BTS spam)

Hallo! Du (Cord Beermann) hast geschrieben:

>The idea of having a reporting address is good, i'll will announce one
>in the next days and then lets see what happens.

ok, here it is: (alpha release, lets see what happens and if it is

If you get spam via our lists, BOUNCE[1] it to

* Incomplete mails[2] will be discarded,
* mis-use (report of non-spam, mass-reporting of one spam, automatic
   forwarding based on some automatism (scores of Anti-Spamtools or
   something)) will be blacklisted.

The reported mails will be used to enhance our Spamassassin and
procmail-filters. The mails will be stored non-public.

[1] Bounce as in mutt b. I don't know if and how this can be done in
	thunderbird, or M$ LookOut. If it possible someone may explain
	it in a follow up. Forwarding is NOT ok at this time, those
	mails will be discarded.

[2] I want complete mails. this means: ALL Headers and the body. If
	your system adds its own headers, or overwrites our
	Spamassassin-Headers it's ok, 


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