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Re: Packaing Xen 3.0 etc for Debian

Am Freitag, 24. Februar 2006 11:02 schrieb Matthew Grant:
> Ralph,

Hi Matthew,

> I am a Debian Maintainer who is seriously considering getting Xen into
> Debian and Ubuntu.
> I have been installing xen-unstable.hg from source on my AMD 64 and have
> been impressed with its relative stability.
> I am prepared to sponsor your packages into Debian if we can get them
> cleaned up.

There is already a project on alioth, called pkg-xen, which exactly tries to 
do this. We started with my package and have it (more or less) debian-policy 
compatible now, but some minor things are still to do (afaik).

We are already three debian developers/maintainers + two external guys (I am 
one of them) and have made some real process.

If you like you can join this project and help us getting xen3 into debian.

> Other things I am looking at are special Xen source trees.  We would
> need the Debian security team to give us access to a patch repository
> for all the Linux security patches.  The trick is to get the security
> fixes split out from all the other updates that come in the point
> releases for the current vanila kernel.org tree. Patching Xen against
> the standard Debian kernel tree may be asking for problems, so it is
> better to work off a vanilla kernel.org tarball and xen-unstable.hg

this is for example also a topic already discussed on the pkg-xen-devel list. 
We will supply a patch for a vanilla 2.6.12 (at first) and might also provide 
binary kernel-images in future (most likely if xen gets merged in the main 
linux tree). If the xen project releases the next stable version with 2.6.16 
we will switch to this version too.

> What are your thoughts?

My thoughts? Join the alioth-project and help us if you want. We are open to 
new people that wants to help, so you are very welcome.

> Regards,
> Matthew Grant


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