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Re: lists.d.o Spam (was: Marking BTS spam)

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 07:03:31AM -0600, Cord Beermann wrote:
> If you get spam via our lists, BOUNCE[1] it to
> report-listspam@lists.debian.org. 

The advantage of posting it here is that it can be used as a measure of how
much spam does posting to a debian mailing attracts, spammers will probably
send some mails directly to that address, thus enhacing the filters :-)

> * Incomplete mails[2] will be discarded,
> * mis-use (report of non-spam, mass-reporting of one spam, automatic
>    forwarding based on some automatism (scores of Anti-Spamtools or
>    something)) will be blacklisted.

I've just bounced all the spam from Debian mailing lists that got through my
(local and ISP's) filters and I had stored in a separate folder to that
address. They are 33, hopefully it will not get me blacklisted.

Is it OK if we, mutt users, use this?

# Debian spam reporting configuration
alias debian-spam-rep report-listspam@lists.debian.org
#set mime_forward=yes
send-hook  report-listspam@lists.debian.org                  set signature=""
send-hook  report-listspam@lists.debian.org                  set autoedit=no
send-hook  report-listspam@lists.debian.org                  set fast_reply=yes
send-hook  report-listspam@lists.debian.org                  set mime_forward=yes
send-hook  report-listspam@lists.debian.org                  set editor=\"/bin/true\"
macro index \cf "<tag-prefix><forward-message>debian-spam-rep\n\n<send-message>\n" "Forward mail to Debian spam reporter"
macro pager \cf "<tag-prefix><forward-message>debian-spam-rep\n\n<send-message>\n" "Forward mail to Debian spam report"



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