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Re: How to identify origin [Was: How to identify distro, lsb-release is broken]

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> I need to find a way of identifying the name of an installed
>> distrobution. This mechanism should be able to differentiate
>> woody
>> sarge
>> etch
>> sid
>> hoary
>> breezy
>> dapper
> Even worse is when people mix up those releases and even
> distributions.

mixed distribtions do not matter in this case. The question was how to
identify the distribution that was installed! (counting a distribution
upgrade as new install for sake of simplicicity).

I also run a pool auf auto installed machines, and found that
lsb_release utility very handy for this use case. I would find it
unconvinient if I had to reintroduce lsb_release in a self grown package
if future releases of debian do not ship a suitable lsb_release command

> How do I detect the origin of an install package?

This is a completly different use-case and problem to what the original
poster asked.


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