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How to identify origin [Was: How to identify distro, lsb-release is broken]

Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> writes:

> Hi
> I need to find a way of identifying the name of an installed
> distrobution. This mechanism should be able to differentiate
> woody
> sarge
> etch
> sid
> hoary
> breezy
> dapper

Even worse is when people mix up those releases and even

How do I detect the origin of an install package?

Could we patch apt-ftparchive to include the origin, maybe including
the release, of a package in the Packages files and make
apt/aptitude/... pass this along to dpkgs available file (and
subsequently status file)?

Alternatively apt/aptitude could add an origin line generated from the
sources.list entry automatically but that would be les usefull for
something like reportbug.



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