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Re: Bug#353277: ndiswrapper in main

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 09:13:15PM -0800, Adam McKenna wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 01:45:24PM -0500, Andres Salomon wrote:
> > And for fuck's sake, stop filling up my inbox w/ this crap.  I'm not
> > doing a thing unless either a) you people come to a consensus on the
> > issue (which you have not in the past threads, and probably never will),
> > or b) a governing body like the ctte tells me that it should be in
> > contrib.  Otherwise, it's staying right where it is.  Honestly, I could
> > care less whether it's in contrib or main, but it was a decision that
> > was made long ago, and I see no reason to make the change.
> The driver should stay in main and hooks should be written into the installer
> so that our users can easily enable their wireless cards during installation.

Specifically for use with non-free firmware? Then ndiswrapper should be
in contrib and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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