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Re: documentation types

On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 02:33:47PM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peńa wrote:

> Show me a *documentation* package (i.e. those that install documentation
> under /usr/share/doc/ and use doc-base's install-docs to register
> documentation files [1]) that uses that. You are pointing me to a help
> browser for a specific environment, GNOME has one, KDE has another one, in
> Debian the management interface for system documentation is called doc-base
> (includes dwww, dhelp, and doc-central) and it doesn't handle SGML, much less
> XML, as far as I know.

I do not understand you. The quote you replied to was:

> > > > And if the administrators choice is to not want any automatically created 
> > > > formats, he may use a docbook program that displays it from the SGML or XML 
> > > > source. Why not, such a tool may exist at one time or maybe does already.

You answered:

> > > It does not exist, before going into a useless discussion, show me some code.

And I told you that you're wrong. There is _zero_ reference to
documentation packages, doc-base, install-docs or anything else in the
quote you replied to. It only spoke about _displaying_ the

And yes, displaying is the most important step. If there are multiple,
well-established viewers for a documentation format (as you have
acknowledged), then it makes sense to think about adopting Debian's
document handling system for that format. After all, Debian is about
serving the users. It's not the users who should bend to what is
convinient for Debian.


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