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need help with minc


I made the mistake of adding "make check" to debian/rules.  Now minc
won't build on certain architectures.  It builds on i386 (my
architecture), ia64, s390, and powerpc.  It fails on alpha, sparc,
mips, hppa, arm, and mipsel.

I poked around on a few of the debian machines (vore, paer, caballero)
but none of them had the build-deps for minc.  So I need help from a
kind soul.

The best would be if someone would install all the build dependencies
for minc and then let me log in to poke around.

Alternatively; someone could build minc, step through the failing
script as follows, and send me the output of each command.

 1  cd testdir
 2  dd if=/dev/zero | ../rawtominc -vector 3 -byte -clobber _grid.mnc 8 8 8
 3  ../mincinfo _grid.mnc
 4  ./create_grid_xfm _grid.mnc _t1.xfm
 5  cat _t1.xfm
 6  ../mincinfo _t1_grid_0.mnc
 7  ./create_grid_xfm _grid.mnc _t2.xfm
 8  cat _t2.xfm
 9  ../mincinfo _t2_grid_0.mnc
10  ../xfmconcat _t1.xfm _t2.xfm _t3.xfm
11  cat _t3.xfm
12  cmp _t1_grid_0.mnc _t3_grid_0.mnc
13  cmp _t2_grid_0.mnc _t3_grid_1.mnc


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