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Recommending an image viewer

I am packaging xcftools (ITP #349424) which will include a convenience
wrapper script that displays an xcf file by converting it to either
ppm or png and using an external image viewer found throuh printcap on
the converted file.

Since the wrapper will not work unless an appropriate external viewer
cannot be found, I think I had better declare a Recommends against
one. However, there appears to be a couple dozen packages that promise
in their description to provide a suitable image viewer, and of course
there is no virtual package for this functionality.

Does anybody have a better idea than trying (in vain) to keep myself
informed about the supply of image viewers in unstable and adjust the
dependencies appropriately?

Perhaps the recommendation could be omitted entirely; people who want
to view xcf images will probably already have a way to view other
images nevertheless. But that does not seem quite the Debian way of
doing things.

(On a related note, will I lose my position in the NEW queue by
uploading improved versions of the package before it is accepted?)

Henning Makholm                    "There is a danger that curious users may
                          occasionally unplug their fiber connector and look
                      directly into it to watch the bits go by at 100 Mbps."

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